New Friend in the woods

New Friend in the woods
Fin & Kitty Cat!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer 2010

Well summer is coming to a close. You can feel it in the night air.
I am looking forward to fall my favorite time of year. Ezra is walking at 190 months and can wave and say "ut oh" when he drops something. He is a doll boy. Finley can
say anything you say now so have to watch your language........

She is so much fun to be with.

Jaime has her class ready and is excited to meet her new kids. Can't believe it is her 5th year of teaching. Time flies.

Jack is taking his anual Goat camp trip to Colorado soon. So I will do things I don't usally do.

Like go down to Seattle and go to the market and down to the water front and meet Jaime

for lunch. Read a good book and hike to Mt Baker.

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