New Friend in the woods

New Friend in the woods
Fin & Kitty Cat!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Amazing day! Fin and I picked her and Ezra's pumpkin from the garden today. She rode
with them in the wheel barrow and had soooo much fun! 2008-2009 has been the first
time in my 54 years in Washington State that we have had 4 real seasons.! I love it! It is
usally rain, rain, and more rain. But we had a white Christmas and a sunny Spring, Summer and Fall. What a blessing. Maybe I like Global warming..........

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oh my gosh, I really let the flower beds go! I should really have a compost to
put all weeds and dead stuff.
Finley's swimming pool turned out to be a perfect place
to throw it all until I can take it to the dump this week-end! It's a lot of work but well
worth it. Harvesting the pumpkins and gourds today was sooo much fun. I love it!
The cantaloupe I planted this year was delicious. Very sweet, which was amazing,
considering I didn't think they would grow on this side of the mountains.
All the cukes and corn are gone. But there are lots of potatoes and onions. And the brussels sprouts are just coming on. Must be a cold weather vegetable. I am
going to plant the garden a little differently next year, now that I know what
does well in the ground and what does well in the boxes. I almost can't wait for Spring again!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Grandma's Garden

Fall has arrived and the garden needs help. Time to harvest a few things and do a little weeding.
The pumpkins in the garden are so big this year. Finley loved helping Grandpa and Grandma
put it all together and even did some weeding. She just loves to be outside eating all the yummy
treasures that we planted. I think her favorite were the raspberries although she did like the strawberries and blackberries as well. And picking flowers of course. She is such a joy to have around. So curious and full of life.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life as we know it

The summer is coming to a long end. The flowers are fading and the pumpkins are beginning to turn their varing shades of orange. The corn stocks are drying and the gourds are taking their wild shapes and sizes.
Harvest is an amazing time. God in all his glory is amazing in what his hands touch at the turning of each new season. If it weren't for his amzing grace we wouldn't get to experience it all..
But alas we do and what a gift. The winds are cooler and the air is fresher. The moon seems closer and brighter. I don't often speak about softness of the Lord as he whispers his love for me in his creations; but today I feel the need. Life is so precious and so fragile we don't often take the time to actually take it all in. So if you can stop and take a little bit in each day and you will be rewarded by it.