New Friend in the woods

New Friend in the woods
Fin & Kitty Cat!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bye Bye Birdies

The baby robins flew the coop today! I couldn't believe how big they got
in 14 days. Totally amazing how they flew out one by one with their mother
and father telling them exactly what to do and what to be aware of. Tobey was out
there with me and they were chattering away to protect and warn them of
any danger and other Robin's were helping. It's amazing at what you see when you are actually paying attention to your immediate surroundings. And that it is all natural
to them. God is good.


  1. Raspberries are my favorite! We were thinking about driving up on the 12th. I have to work for a bit in the morning but we couple be up after if that day works for you.

  2. that would make sense:) Its been a crazy week! We will be there in July!!