New Friend in the woods

New Friend in the woods
Fin & Kitty Cat!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Spring

Spring is here. The days are longer and Jack and I went to the fair grounds Saturday

and bought 103, 2 year old trees. 10 each of Deodoras Cedar, Western Hemlock, Noble Fir,

Western Red Cedar, Douglas fir, Incense Cedar , Grand Fir, 20 Fraser Fir, 5 Giant Sequoia

5 Norway Spruce and 3 Jananese Larch. He gets to dig the holes and I get to plant them.

Hopefully it will be a sunny week! Busy, busy! Of course I'll have my little helper, Fin. She loves to dig and plant. (Mostly pull up what I plant!)
The onions are up and so are the carrotts, lettuce, garlic and potatoes. Rhubarb looks really good too. Should be having a pie in a couple weeks.
The tulips and daffidols are at least a month early. And Carla's wedding is April 3rd so I hope
they are all in bloom for her.
Mom is going to be 85 at the end of the month. It is so hard to see her get older. This I am going
to have a hard time dealing with. She is such a blessing to this family and is the glue that holds it together. The girls are good and Ezra is just about ready to crawl! Jenn is really going to have her hands full(as if she doesn't already!)
Jaime is almost done with another year of teaching. Going on 5 years! Where does the time go?
Hope everyone is doing good. Love to hear your comments. Love Timi

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